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Q & A 

Who are your science heroes?

Anyone that has five or more of these characteristics: explores, catalogs observations, listens enthusiastically, inspires investigation, uses available senses, physically challenges themselves, loses control and shares their life with others.


What's your advice for aspiring scientists?

Do not focus on one area, become a naturalist first. Spend as many hours, days or weeks outside observing as much as is possible. Learn how to write, lecture and listen. Run, swim, bike, hike, sail, kayak, dive, climb, camp, record and draw.


Favorite expedition and/or investigation?

The reproduction of Whitetip reef Sharks Triaenodon obesus; elasmobranch reproduction still needs earnest contributors. Too many shark species are disappearing in too many oceans. Few people realize how long it takes for some shark species to reproduce and how few offspring they have. The ability for them to sustain constant fishing pressure is low. The oceans require top predators to keep oceans in balance.


Best and worst things about a career in research science?

Best: Constantly learning, reading, interacting and teaching. It is extremely fulfilling. Worst: Science can become so mind- and time-consuming that your personal life gets pushed aside. It can be a 24-hour-a-day, 7 days-a-week commitment.

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What drew you to science as a career? There is flexibility and excitement in science that stimulates me. I am constantly excited about observing new environments, new situations and new interactions. Science is a method for me to understand and explain what I am watching. It allows me to meet and work with people that have similar passion. I am always learning, teaching and writing. 

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