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Science in Action presents a frequently changing display of current research done here at the California Academy Sciences and expeditions around the globe. You'll find the latest discoveries by Academy scientists as well as other headline-making news about the natural world. Check this archive for past weeks' articles.

SCIENCE in Action ARCHIVE: 2001 - March 2004

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Headline Science

Where in the World

Academy Research

Wild Lives

Black Smokers
Jelly Invasion
Sockeye Salmon
New Phylum
Galapagos Trouble
Dracula Ants
Galapagos Oil Spill
Sudden Oak Death
Hibernating Bears
New Hominid Genus
Science Survey
Cones on Mars
Shark Attacks
Salmon Grow Bigger Trees
Secrets of the Abyss
Under Antarctica
Giant Squid
Fallen Monarchs
Fossil Tooth Find
Over Fisheries
Begging Beetles
Oil Strikes Again
Controversial Skull
Calculating Crows
Sudden Oak Death - Redwood
Dino Find
Galapagos Finches
Mayan Writing
Stick Insects
Ebola virus threatens Gorillas
Belize Reef
Coral Bleaching
Big Red Jelly
Chinese Alligator
Oldest Planet
Baird's Beaked Whale
Arctic Meltdown
Galapagos Tortoise Survivors
Forest Fire
Global Warning

Yunnan, China
Bottom of the Bay
Bali - Corals
Madagascar Pt 1
Madagascar Pt 2
Pacific Loggerheads
Sharp Shooters
Herons in GGP
Lacewings, São Tomé
São Tomé and Principé
Trinity Alps
All Species Inventory
Arctic Adventures
Socorro Island
Galapagos History
Mapping Amphibians
Galapagos Islands
Coral Reefs
Palmyra Atoll
Jerusalem Crickets
Aleutian Solution
Evolutionary Shell Game
China 2002

China in the Rain
South African Orchids
Easter Island
Myanmar Anthropology
Costa Rican NSF
High Altitude Skippers
Cuban Cycad
New Burma Museum
Galapagos Spiders
New Zealand Grenadiers
Boruca Culture
Tree of Spider Life
Life List

Charles Griswold
Peter Fritsch
Nina Jablonski
Mountain Lake
Joe Slowinski
Frank Almeda
São Tomé
Brian Fisher
Sarah Spaulding
Tom Daniel
Doug Long
Carol Tang
Alejandro Acevedo
Dave Kavanaugh
Kim Steiner
Pat Morales
Bruce Bartholomew
Wojciech Pulawski
Brian Fisher II
Bob Drewes
Alejandro Acevedo II
Healy Hamilton
Frank Almeda II
Tom Daniel II
West Nile Watch
Bill Eschmeyer
Nina Jablonski II
SF Bay: 2K
Charles Griswald II
Brian Fisher III
Rich Mooi
Shark's Sixth Sense
Jack Dumbacher
Gary Williams
Australian Sea Lions
Insect Inventory
Nina jablonski III
Shrimp Plant Systematics

Tetras & Gouramis
California Newts
Smothering Seaweed
Skate egg
Pacific Tree Frogs
SF Bay Specimens
Fence Lizards
Carnivorous Plants
African Rainforest Fish

Horeshoe Crabs
Whip Scorpions
Queen Conch
Dermestid Beetles
Bullfrog Tadpoles
Ribbed Newts
Desert Pupfish
Clawed Frogs
Apple Snails
Blind Cave Tetras
Blue Mud Shrimp
Flower Horn Cichlid
Ochre Stars
Purple Sea Urchin
Hermit Crabs
Blue Tang
High Fin Shark