Featured Expedition: November 1, 2010

Academy Roof Research

What kind of insects are attracted to the native plants on the Academy’s living roof?


  • Guest

    What are those?

  • http://www.accentroofing.com/ Louisa Sheedy

    Hey, I know this roof! Isn't this the big, green roof in California? Pictures about this huge dome has always fascinated me – The use of solar panels to maximize the use of sunlight is quite genius, as well!

  • http://www.ajcroofing.com/products-services/metal-roofing/ Galliena Gornet

    I never would've expected that this kind of roof will be possible. It's really amazing how we humans can come up with ideas that can shock the world. I have to admit, I give my hats off to Jessica for this one.

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