Science in Action this Week: August 7, 2009

Crow Intelligence

Researchers are finding that crows use complex reasoning to obtain food with tools.


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    I live in San Francisco. I first recall noticing a crow’s intelligence a few years ago when I heard this repetitive knocking sound. I looked up to see that a crow was carrying a seed or nut up into the air, as high up as a telephone wire, then dropping the nut down onto the side walk. The crow repeated this gesture over and over until the nut finally cracked open and it got it’s food inside. I was so surprised and excited to see how smart the bird was. Maybe it’s the same crow, but I sometimes notice a crow sitting on the branch outside my window. I think it’s looking in at me and the little knick knacks I have displayed on my window sill, which includes a little glass bird. Anyways, love these birds and happy to learn more about them here. Thanks.

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