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By Elise Ricard

Curiosity on Mars is the latest, non-full dome presentation by Morrison Planetarium. Explore Mars alongside NASA's Curiosity rover, in this live 15-minute show to learn why the red planet still facinates us and whether the right conditions for life could have existed there far in the past. We have included some links below to help you find additional information related to topics covered in the program.

Curiosity on Mars runs weekends and holidays every 45 minutes staring at 10:40 and weekdays at 12:40  October 24th, 2014- January 15th, 2015

No passes necessary, all ages welcome.


Want more information on the Mars Curiosity mission? Follow these links...

Main Pages:


Jet Propulsion Laboratory page

Mars Exploration Program

Twitter feeds:



Facebook page:




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Apps and Downloads:

Spacecraft 3D iTunes:

Mars Images iTunes:


NASA Be a Martian iTunes:



Mars Map Android:

Mars Globe iTunes:

Curiosity: The Mars Mission (game) Android:

WorldWide Telescope Mars PC:

For more NASA apps see:


Curiosity’s “Wake Up” songs


Additional links from Astronomy Day 2014:

WorldWide Telescope Software

Curiosity panoramas from Martian surface

Astronomical Society of the Pacific's Mars Opposition Dance activity

Benjamin Dean Lecture



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