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Dark Universe


By Elise Ricard

Dark Universe  is the latest full dome presentation at Morrison Planetarium.  Nearly everything we know about the Universe has changed: Galaxies are held together by a substance we can’t see, and a force strong enough to counteract gravity is at work in the dark in-betweens. Explore two of today’s greatest cosmic mysteries—dark matter and dark energy—in this vast, data-fueled starscape of beauty and wonder.

Dark Universe runs daily from January 31st through October 9th.

Seating is limited. Show passes are required and distributed on a first-come/first-served basis at the cart near theater entrance. The show may not be appropriate for kids under 7, and children under 4 are not permitted. School and youth groups are required to have an advance reservation in a school show in order to attend the Planetarium.


Amazing new announcement: Ancient gravitational waves in the CMB provide "smoking gun evidence" of inflation.

Science Today

More information

See the "father of inflation" receive the news of evidence confirming his 30 year old prediction.


Dark matter detectors and experiments:

Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS)



       Gamma Ray bursts

       Dark Matter detection



More on the international search and latest news:

       Gamma Rays produced by Dark Matter? Latest news

       Images of Cosmic Web filaments captured in " Slug Nebula"

What to get involved? Help researchers identify Space Warps from your home computer

More on Dark Universe

       Dark Universe Educator’s Guide

Programs and events at the CA Academy of Sciences:

       Benjamin Dean Lectures 

              Timothy Ferris - The State of the Universe

              Jacqueline Faherty - Going Rogue: Planets without Parent Stars in the Galaxy

              Katherine Freese - The Cosmic Cocktail: Three Parts Dark Matter

              Past lectures


Join us for a second, live show exploring how we use light to study the Universe

Learn More about topics covered in Ancient Light:

Ancient Light is the latest, non-full dome presentation by Morrison Planetarium. Part of the Academy’s Dark Universe themed programming, this live, 15-minute show explores how light has helped us to reveal mysteries of the formation of the Universe. We have included some links below to help you find additional information related to topics covered in the program.

Ancient Light runs every 45 minutes starting 10:40 am on most weekends, holidays and school breaks and daily at 12:40 from January 31st through May 11th  in Hohfeld Hall.

No passes necessary, all ages welcome.

NASA's Data Center for CMB Research

Planck Mission

WMAP Mission

COBE Mission

The Large Scale Structure of the Universe

Play with the Electromagnetic Spectrum


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