Science in Action this Week: October 9, 2009

Therapy for Color Blindness

Gene therapy has proven to cure color blindness in squirrel monkeys. Can the same process work for humans?


  • Alex Cody

    hi can n e 1 tell me how long does it takes for cure humans colourblindness… this is only reason i m away from my aviation dream…

  • James Darlington

    Alex I have arrived at this lonely corner of cyberspace for the same reason. I long to become a professional Pilot and this is now the ONLY hurdle between me and that dream. I have spent many long hours staring at Ishihara test plates and researched just about every possible avenue available to try and amend this but alas, there is not true cure just some aids to assist in day to day life, nothing as far as a permanent cure. I cant express how much I appreciate the research going into this disability but can only wish for a cure to become available so much sooner than I believe it's going to be. If there is anyone directly or indirectly linked with this research please please please if you can shed some more “light” on this issue I/we would massively appreciate it. Whats that….you need a human test subject, where and when im available :D    Regards 
    James D

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