Science in Action this Week: May 29, 2012

Viewing the Transit of Venus

Don’t miss the June 5th Transit of Venus– the next one won’t occur until 2117! Here are some tips to view it safely.


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  • Sabreen Khalil

    Is the Academy of Sciences going to have a presentation and telescopes outside for viewers to see the transit like they did on solar eclipse??

  • mmichelson

    Thanks for the question. We won't have anything out front for the transit. However, from 3-5pm Academy visitors can go on the roof to view the transit. The planetarium staff will have solar telescopes, telescopes projecting the image and a few eclipse glasses (although the transit is difficult to see without magnification). We also will be streaming the Exploratorium's live feed of the transit from Hawaii at our Science in Action exhibit and the Naturalist Center.

  • BSilver

    Sounds great….please do that., but it would be great if you could keep the stream going longer as I think the peak of the event is around 6:25pm PST. 

  • mflagg

    do you sell solar glasses?

  • mmichelson

    Yes, the Academy Store has eclipse glasses.



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