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The Academy will be closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

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  • Dermestid Colony

    Watch a colony of live, flesh-eating dermestid beetles.

  • Sea Lion Wall

    Explore a wallscape of more than 400 sea lion skulls.

  • Removing Flesh

    Discover how scientists use skulls to uncover clues about life on Earth.

Get Hands-On


Touch, feel, draw, and play with a wide range of animal skulls at interactive stations throughout the exhibit. See how skulls illustrate the fascinating differences and similarities among vertebrates and their strategies for making a living, and learn about the evolutionary significance of a number of unique skull shapes and adaptations.

See the World as Predator and Prey

Lion: Kevin Pluck

Use a special interactive viewer to see through the eyes of a lion and gazelle—and experience for yourself the trade-offs between excellent depth perception and astounding peripheral vision.

Image: Kevin Pluck

Explore Surprising Skull Oddities

Deadlocked Deer: Kathryn Whitney

See two deer skulls, their antlers forever locked in their final deadly battle, a sea otter with a white shark tooth still embedded in its skull, and many other tales of struggle and survival written into the very structures of skulls.

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