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Busy Birds II



  • curriculum binder
  • worksheets
  • nest, egg, and claw specimens
  • magnifier
  • 2 bird footprint stamps
  • red-tailed hawk stuffed animal
  • 7 pairs of binoculars
  • 1 Audubon birdcaller
  • Birdsong Identiflyer
  • Books: "About Birds - A Guide for Children" by Cathryn Sill; "Birds in your Backyard" by Barbara Herkert; "The Birdwatchers" by Simon James; "Wings on the Wind" by Kate Kiesler; "Bird - Eyewitness Books" by Dorling Kindersley Limited; "Birds of San Francisco and the Bay Area" by Chris C. Fisher


Science: Learn about blackbirds, starlings, sparrows, hawks, pigeons, and jays. Examine a real nest, red-tailed hawk egg, and hawk claw.

Measuring/Cooking: Make "seed ball nibblers" and "sweet nests" for kids, seed treats for birds, and a bird feeder to hang in your schoolyard.

Arts & Crafts: Make a colorful flying bird and a heart-shaped bird feeder. Use bird footprint stamps to make your own unique piece of art.

Circle Time: Learn about birdsongs, try some birdwatching, and enjoy books and stories about birds.

Outside Time: Create a nest supply station or take an exciting nature walk.