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Dinosaur Days I



  • curriculum binder
  • worksheets
  • 3 plastic dinosaur models
  • 1 dinosaur skeleton model
  • 1 dinosaur hand puppet
  • 1 dinosaur bone cookie cutter
  • 1 measuring rope
  • Books: "T. Rex" by Michael Dahl; "The Dinosaur" by Anna Milbourne; "How Do Dinosaurs Learn Their Colors?" by Jane Yolen; "I Didn't Know That Dinosaurs Laid Eggs" by Roger Priddy, "My Gigantosaurus Book of Numbers" by Jan Lewis


Science: Find out what the Late Cretaceous world was like, where dinosaur fossils are found, and what dinosaur nests were like. Learn about the Ankylosaurus, Maiasaura, Ornithomimus, Parasaurolophus, Styracosaurus, and Tyrannosaurus rex.

Math: Connect the dots on a T. rex, count the eggs in a dino nest, and do other fun, simple math activities.

Measuring/Cooking: Make delicious "Maiasaura nests" and "S'mores dinosaur bones."

Arts & Crafts: Make a T. rex bag puppet, a Maiasaura thaumatrope, a Tyrannosaurus hat, and other creative crafts.

Circle Time: Learn a song and enjoy books and stories about dinosaurs.

Outside Time: Experience a meteorite crash-landing or a volcano erupting. Discover how big Tyrannosaurus rex really was and play a game based on a Maiasaura nest.