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April Flowers

by rockprogram on Apr. 1st, 2012 No Comments

Poppy on the RoofIn California we’re lucky, we don’t have to wait for May to see the spring bloom of our wildflowers. Why not join us on our daily Discovery Nature Walk at 12:30pm? A public presenter will take you and your family on a short walk outside the museum to show you plants native to California and discuss their interesting uses. At other times of day, stop by our living roof, which is covered solely in California native plants.

To see how you can use native plants in your own garden, there is a free, self-guided Native Plant Garden Tour on April 15th. Visit as few or as many native plant filled gardens as you like, with locations scattered across San Francisco.

Earth from Space, NASA
Earth Day is Sunday, April 22nd. We’re celebrating here at the Academy. There is also a celebration in Civic Center Plaza. To find other Bay Area celebrations, check out the Bay Area list of events.

Take your commitment to our planet and its natural areas to the next level by working togther with your family as you volunteer with Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy. There are opportunities for all ages and locations are scattered throughout Marin, San Francisco and the peninsula.

Our San Francisco neighborhood free days begin at the end of April. It’s a great opportunity to visit the musuem for free without the crowds of the quarterly free days. Stop by to see what we’re doing during our Science of Adventure days March 24 – May 22, 2012. We’ll be highlighting the real-life adventures of scientists at work.