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Every Day is Earth Day

by rockprogram on Apr. 9th, 2014 No Comments


Have you ever thought about how awesome our planet is? Earth is so unique. Earth makes it possible for all life to call it home due to its breathable atmosphere, suitable climate, its ideal distance from the sun, and having the most necessary chemical, we know as water. This year, on April 22, let’s give Earth the biggest thank you yet, by learning more about our planet and exploring how to keep it clean for our future generations.

Let’s talk about one of the ways we here in San Francisco are taking care of our Earth. San Francisco has the highest rate of recycling and composting out of all the cities in the country. And by 2020, the city is challenging themselves to have zero waste! What does this mean? It means that all recyclables and compostables are not to be allowed in the trash which goes directly to a landfill. It means that all the stuff you put in your blue bin will be made into new bottles, cans, and other products. All the food, soiled-paper and plants that you sort into your green bin will be composted into nutrient-rich soil used by our local farmers. How are you sorting your trash? Work together to sort your trash at home by checking out our online lesson. Need a little help figuring out what goes where? Phoebe the Phoenix is here to give you some tips.


Now, that’s just one way to take care of our planet, Earth, but there are other ways we can be the best at taking care of it. Take a look at some of the great ways you can help and learn more about our planet this month!

Attend a beach cleanup on Earth Day-San Francisco Surfrider hosts multiple beach cleanups each month at Ocean Beach and Baker Beach. Volunteers are our greatest asset. And all you have to do is show up!
Try buying locally-Buying locally helps reduce the amount of carbon emissions emitted into our air. Local food products have minimal impacts on the environment.
Learn about the ground beneath your feet-Soil is a crucial element in the diverse ecosystems around the world. It is made up of nonliving materials like minerals from broken down rocks, and living materials like fungi and decaying plants. Join the Naturalist Center for Soil Sleuthing and learn about the different types of soil and how this diversity matters in seed development/growth.
Look for transportation alternatives-If you live in San Francisco, your options for public transportation are much easier and environmental friendly. Try biking or walking to school or places in your neighborhood. The Academy is one of many places that gives a discount to guests who walk or use public transportation.

These are just little reminders for Earth Day, but remember, we can appreciate our planet every day of the year. And most of all, enjoy it and appreciate it! Step outside and enjoy the natural world around you any chance you get. Every Day is Earth Day!

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Farmers Market Natalie Maynor