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What’s Your Ocean Promise?

by rockprogram on Jun. 6th, 2014 No Comments

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Don’t you just love taking a stroll down the beach and taking in the ocean breeze? Maybe you have a favorite ocean animal you like to explore underwater or at the aquarium. Mine are jellyfish, but I also love seahorses! What’s yours? Oceans do so much for us! They provide us with entertainment, inspiration, but also supply us with food, and contain organisms that contribute to the air we breathe. Help us celebrate World Oceans Day on June 8th and every day. Be a part of this global celebration. How, can we celebrate? Find an event near you!

Rocky Reefs and More at the Academy!

Appreciate your ocean friends and be inspired to make a promise to our oceans while checking out our latest addition, Rocky Reefs. The new exhibit highlights a colorful 2,000-gallon tank of invertebrate life found off the California Coast. Make sure to test out the interactive display, to track the extraordinary migration pathways of sea turtles, sharks, and other long-distance travelers. Come admire the beauty our oceans provide. Don’t forget to stop by the Citizen Science station where you can contribute to an ongoing Academy research project and learn more about how to protect California’s coastal ecosystems.

Our oceans are filled with fish of different shapes and sizes. In this hands-on art activity, Fish Prints, students will study and identify features of the external anatomy of a fish, and learn about issues related to conservation of fish. Gather for story time and explore Sea Monsters.

Continue your appreciation with us! Help the Academy celebrate World Whale and Dolphin Day by adding your own stories and pictures to an interactive art installation in the East Garden. Learn about the challenges that whales may encounter in their ocean homes and what you can do to help. Open all-day in the East Garden from June 28th-29th.

Take a selfie for the sea

The selfie phenomenon, as we all know, has exploded all over social media as a means of self expression. Follow the next phenomenon! Take a selfie of yourself doing something for the ocean, or making a promise. Are you drinking out of a reusable water bottle? Take a selfie! I promise to carry my reusable bag to every grocery store and shopping center. What’s your ocean promise?