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Love is in the air..

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As you step outside your door, birds will be chirping, flowers are blooming, and baby animals are being born. Love is in the air! The beautiful biodiversity of our natural world is being created. There are many bizarre strategies of attracting a mate in the wild. For example, sea horses engage in a beautiful courtship dance that can last as long as eight hours!

Come celebrate love with us! Just in time for the month of love, our new exhibit, Animal Attraction, will explore the mating stories of some interesting creatures.

Amazing Animal Parents!

Becoming a parent is the pride and joy of many. Teaching your children how to brush their teeth, tie their shoes, play catch and many other things is what makes parenting an important job. In the animal kingdom, parenting and producing offspring is just as important as it is to us humans. Join the Early Explorers Cove every Saturday at 11am to celebrate some amazing animal parents during Animal Tales. I’d like to introduce you to some of them.

  • Did you know the male seahorse gives birth to his offspring?! Yes, this dedicated father will birth his children after attracting his mate through a sway of dances. Share this lovely story, Mister Seahorse, with your young children by visiting your local library.
  • Female octopuses lay anywhere betweeen 50,00 and 200,00 eggs! She will elaborately group her eggs and will spend about a couple of months caring and protecting her eggs from predators. She will not hunt and only looks out for the greater good of her children.
  • The father Emperor penguin will precariously hold the egg for two months during the harsh winter between the top of his feet while the mother looks for food. Take the role of the Emperor penguin in this at home activity. After you’ve had some fun pretending to be Emperor Penguin parents, gather your family and follow the journey of these special parents by watching March of the Penguins.

Share the love

  • Take a trip to observe the fascinating colony of elephant seals by visiting Ano Nuevo State Park. Its a great day trip and a fantastic experience. You’re in for a treat! You can observe these large, yet beautiful sea mammals fighting for love and mothers nursing their pups.
  • Visit the Naturalist Center from 11am-4pm for more “Love is in the air” programming.

Blooming Flowers

Flowers too depend on this animal attraction. Pollinators such as bees and butterflies help pollinate our beatiful flowers. To help you understand how dependent flowers are to animals, create your own using our flowers seeking pollinators activity. You will learn that the simplest things like colors in a flower are how it becomes adapted to a very specific pollinator. Then take a day trip to the Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park and see the gorgeous magnolias that have beautifully bloomed.

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