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Celebrating our Oceans

by rockprogram on Jun. 7th, 2012 No Comments

seaturtleDid you know the ocean is home to 90% of the world’s living creatures? The ocean is such an immense place full of biodiversity. It not only supplies a home to these underwater beauties where life exists, but also supplies many of us with food. Unfortunatley, human activity is affecting our oceans today. Overfishing and the ways we catch our seafood is not only harming our seafood population, but also other ocean life called bycatch such as sea turtles and sharks. Check out our Banishing Bycatch activity to learn why this is happening and the fishing practices we can do to prevent it.

Here at the Academy, we want to help you understand what sustainable fishing means and help you select ocean-friendly seafood. Try the Academy Seafood Market and Fishery activity. Learn why some fishing ways are better than others. See how how your seafood selection ranks. Carry your handy dandy Seafood WATCH pocket guide the next time you’re out buying seafood. Eating fish is generally healthy and quite delicious. SeaWeb, a non-profit organization, has a program called KidSafe that encourages parents to help expand their children’s diets with a variety of seafood options that aren’t only environmentally friendly, but also low in contaminants.

June 8th is World Oceans Day, with this year’s theme, Youth: the Next Wave for Change. What better way than to reach out to our youth to help inspire them for the future of our oceans. Play ocean themed puzzles and games at the Naturalist Center. Explore all weekend long with Early Explorers in the Cove for our youngest visitors and create what you think a healthy ocean looks like at their Explore It! Table. Let’s celebrate and save the health of our oceans today by taking action.

Eating sustainable seafood is one way we can help the future of our oceans. Our behaviors and our simple every day routines too can either affect or help our oceans. The way we get to and from work or school can help limit the impact we have on climate change, which also affects our oceans. What other actions may we take? We can all begin by taking SeaWeb’s Ocean Pledge to help our oceans and its wildlife.

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