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Built for Speed!

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Are you a racing enthusiast? Whether you were built to race or built for long distance ocean travel, you were built for speed. Here at the California Academy of Sciences, we are super excited for our next exhibit, Built for Speed, running May 10-September 29, 2013 in the Piazza. You and your family will be able to explore some of the ocean’s fastest animals and their fascinating adaptations such as streamlined body shapes and torpedo-shaped bodies.

Walk out of the piazza towards the swamp and feast your eyes on a suspended 45ft. long catamaran and wingmast from ORACLE TEAM USA. This catamaran has sailed with a competitive edge. Take a look below at some of the highlights from our exhibit.

The Orca Lab
Witness museum staff and volunteers assemble an orca skeleton. This juvenile orca washed ashore in Northern California, and long before this, researchers knew him as Orca 0319. In fact, it is an offshore ecotype, a type of orca that isn’t too well known. Watch and learn how this finding led researchers and scientists to save the skeleton.

Take Action
Plastic waste, waste water pollution, and unsustainable fishing are three major threats to the health of the oceans today. Learn what you and your family can do to help our oceans by visiting several Ocean Action stations. And just as a quick reminder, download your Seafood Watch card now to help you choose ocean-friendly seafood the next time you’re at the grocery store or out for dinner.

Visit the Naturalist Center on Level 3
Speedy Species is this summer’s theme for Specimen Spotlight (Saturdays @ 2pm; May 9th through September 28th). Discover what makes toothed whales, sea otters and sea lions swiftly swim, twist and turn. And don’t forget to check out a mini display on The Problem with Plastics, by the Digital Learning Youth.

Speed in Space
Learn about the fastest things in the Universe- human-made or otherwise! From Apollo to asteroids, subatomic particles to light itself. Things in space move quicker than we can imagine here on Earth. Come join us and explore the farthest, fastest frontiers in this live, 15-minute program, hosted by our planetarium presenters in Hohfeld Hall at the Morrison Planetarium (runs two weekends May 11 – 19 and beginning May 27 will run weekdays only).

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