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What’s hiding inside?

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Papilio Ulysses R. Straatman c. California Academy of Sciences
Hi families! This October we’ve got some special activities lined up for you. Free Days, Science Backpacks and Card Games, oh my!

Neighborhood free days started this weekend and run for the rest of the month. Check out the list to see when your zipcode can come. One tip is that it’s for 3 whole days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Plus it’s not as crowded as our Quarterly free-for-everyone days.

When you’re here at The Academy, go on a Junior Scientist Adventure! It’s a new program, where you begin by picking up a backpack full of activities and scientific gear from coat check. Pick three activities on the guide within to do as a whole family. When you’re finished, head up to the Naturalist Center to report out on your scientific findings. We’ll have a presenter stationed at the Naturalist Center twice a day who would love to see your drawings and hear more about what you found.

Finally, we’ve got a card game that you can print out and play with your children, Go Bug! This is like Go Fish, except you’re collecting the life cycle cards for various bugs. You’ll collect the egg, nymph and adult for some bugs, other bugs require egg, pupa, larva and adult cards. These are different kinds of metamorphosis that bugs go through as they grow. You can start a fascinating conversation with your children if you ask them how they grow is similar or different to the way bugs grow. Or try acting out the different stages of the life cycles.

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