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Digging for Treasures

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What is a fossil? Have you ever looked at one? What do they feel like? Fossils are rocks that contain the imprint of leaves, shells, or bones that existed millions of years ago. We know of the existence of dinosaurs because Paleontologists and Archaeologists have found preserved evidence by digging in many locations around the world. I wonder what it’s like to dig and find such incredible treasures of the past!

Naturalist Know-How at the Academy

Are you visiting us on a Sunday and also wonder what it’s like to dig like a Paleontologist? Join the Naturalist Center during the month of January for their Junior Academy Workshop-Naturalist Know-How! This month’s skill is Puzzling Out the Past. Learn what archaeologists and paleontologists do on a dig. Space is very limited for youth ages 8 to 11 and their adults. Every Sunday at 2pm (onsite sign-up is required at 1:30pm) in the Naturalist Center (Level 3 across from the Planetarium exit).

Make Your Own Fossil

We know it takes millions of years for fossils to form. These creatures were buried in sediments and their remains were imprinted on the rock as time passed. Make a fossil using items found in your kitchen. Make sure to ask your parent’s permission first and have them help you too. What kind of fossils will you create?

At Home Lesson

What kind of tools are necessary for a palenotologist to dig in the field? Check out our lesson, What Kind of Geologist Am I, and become familiar with the tools used by these scientists to collect our Earth’s resources.

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