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KQED Do Now: Science!

by megan on Dec. 17th, 2013 No Comments

Elephant Ivory: KQED Do NowKQED Do Now is a weekly activity for students to engage and respond to current issues using social media tools like Twitter.

And guess what? Do Now Science is a monthly activity in collaboration with us here at the California Academy of Sciences.

Every second Tuesday of the month, youth from the Spotlight team within the Academy’s Careers in Science Intern Program post a compelling topic, include background resources and media, and encourage discussion on Twitter.

The monthly content schedule is as follows:

Every Friday: Civic, Government & Politics
2nd Tuesday: Science – posted by Academy youth!
4th Tuesday: Arts & Popular Culture

For example, here’s the latest Do Now Science:

Dec 11, 2013 How Worried Should We Be About Space Junk?

Space JunkRecently China successfully launched their first moon rover, Chang’e-3, into orbit. Unfortunately later that day pieces from the launch rocket fell off and destroyed the homes of two citizens. Although nobody was harmed, the falling spacecraft still worried many people.

Do Now
Weigh the value of launching satellites, rovers, spacecraft and other items into space for our benefit against the risks and dangers of increasing the amount of space debris. Which is more important? Should we be worried about limiting space junk?

Do Now can help focus students at the start of a class period. Most activities are six to eight minutes in length. They can completed without teacher assistance and can be used to introduce ideas connected to the rest of the lesson.

There is a great tutorial on the KQED Do Now site that will help you implement this in your classroom.

Oh, and here’s some of the most recent science topics.

Nov 15, 2013 Will Crushing Ivory Reduce Elephant Poaching?
Oct 9, 2013 Should We Bring Species Back to Life?
Sept 11, 2013 How Should We Manage Forest Fires?

What’s more?

KQED is looking for a few good teachers to join their online working group! Educators who join and participate throughout the Spring semester will receive a $150 stipend.

The deadline to apply is December 22, so apply today!

Integrating Art and Science: An Institute for Teachers

by michelle on May. 27th, 2011 4 Comments

Apply to participate in this exciting professional development opportunity!

Integrating Art and Science WorkshopIntegrating Art and Science: An Institute for Teachers – An Online/Onsite Course – A Unique collaboration between
the Academy, the de Young,
The Metropolitan Museum of Art,
and the American Museum of Natural History!
K-8 teachers are invited to apply!
July 25-August 5, 2011

Our Focus: Participants will go on an “expedition” in the sense of exploring a new environment or a new idea and apply 21st Century Skills across art and science institutions.

  • This course will focus on 21st Century Skills (such as observation, investigation, and creative problem solving) as a means to authentically integrate art and science. What are the “parallel processes” between artists and scientists? Explore specific examples across institutions such as art and science collections, exhibits, and galleries.
  • Gain an appreciation and understanding for object-based learning, in both the museum and classroom settings.
  • Learn how you can access and utilize museums and online museum resources in Golden Gate Park and Central Park in New York City!
  • Develop a collection of ideas and resources on a chosen theme integrating art and science.

The first two days will be spent at the Academy and the de Young in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Following the onsite days, we will connect online with the cohort of teachers on the East Coast participating in the same course with the MET and AMNH! Learn from your colleagues across the country and collaborate locally to share your experiences and ideas.

Onsite workshops a the California Academy of Sciences and the de Young:
July 25 and 26, 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Asynchronous interactive online activities:
Monday, July 25 – Friday, August 5

Morpho butterflyLive webinar (web seminar) sessions:

Wednesday, July 27 12noon ET or 3pm ET

Friday, July 29 12Noon ET or 3pm ET

Monday, August 1 12Noon ET or 3pm ET

Wednesday, August 3 12Noon ET or 3pm ET

Friday, August 5 12Noon ET or 3pm ET

Week of November 14, 2011
“Virtual Class Reunion” webinar to share any lessons and ideas.

How to apply:

  • Complete this form and mail it in. Application deadline is July 18, 2011.
  • Find a partner! Pairs or groups of teachers are encouraged but not required.
  • Send in a check for $150 to the de Young (see address on application form).

Questions? Contact hcarmena@calacademy.org

Know a young environmental journalist?

by megan on Feb. 7th, 2011 No Comments

Action For Nature logoOur friends over at Action For Nature, an international non-profit based here in San Francisco, are recruiting youth bloggers willing to volunteer their time to update their new online blog with environmental news, eco-friendly tips, and their own opinions surrounding environmental issues.

Youth aged 9 to 18 are encouraged to apply; the best 7 candidates will make the cut — one for each day of the week!

Each blogger will be responsible for publishing at least one post on their assigned day of the week.

Example of common entries include those in the following categories:

Environmental News
Reporting on environmental news — in the United States or beyond! — including links to original source articles

Eco-Friendly Tips
Sharing tips for other youth & adults on how to make a difference in their day-to-day lives

Environmental Blogging
Writing editorial commentary on any environmental issue; reviewing books, films, music, or other media; and sharing updates on personal projects or work related to the environment

With a mission “to encourage young people to take personal action to nurture and protect a healthy environment on which all life depends,” Action For Nature also honors stellar youth who have created and conducted environmental projects. Applications for the 2011 International Young Eco-Hero Awards are due February 28, 2011, so if you know of a student who is a prime example, please encourage them to apply!