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New activities: rock cycle, evaporation, insects, and more!

by megan on Nov. 9th, 2010 No Comments

Here are the latest additions to our online database of lesson plans!

rock cycle imageRock Cycle Roundabout (Grades 4-12)
With this board game, students will learn how the three types of rock are formed as part of the rock cycle and that the same forces that produce/change rocks also produce/change landforms.

invent an insect worksheetInvent an Insect (Grades 2-6)
In this activity, students will learn what makes an insect an insect by studying examples of insect adaptations and examining why there are so many different types of insects.

hangingDry My Laundry! (Grades 4-8)
Students will practice designing a basic controlled experiment and discuss how surface area affects evaporation in preparation for their Troubled Tree Frogs Student Lab Program.

cattleSustainable Livestock (Grades 4-12)
Students learn about the food, water, and space needs of common livestock animals. Using math and problem solving skills, they discover how many animals can live on an imaginary ranch, learning how land use and food consumption can be sustainable.

chitonMarine Invertebrate Anatomy (Grades 3-12)
In this lesson, students will learn about invertebrate diversity and compare marine invertebrates’ anatomy with those of humans. A scavenger hunt for the exhibit floor is included!

pennyWhat’s on a penny? (Grades 3-8)
In this activity, students will explore the intricacies of pennies and nickels to observe objects carefully and practice detailed descriptive writing. This activity will prepare your students for their All About Microscopes Student Lab Program, but is also a great introduction to the importance of both qualitative and quantitative observations.

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