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Absorb the aquarium in 2 days!

by megan on Jun. 22nd, 2011 No Comments

Join us this July for a special 2-day workshop focused on the Aquarium!

Rocky Shores to Coral Reefs
July 11th and July 12th, 9am-3pm

Participants must attend both days.

We’ll start at the Philippine Coral Reef and graduate to the California Coast Rocky Shore. Not only will you learn the inner workings of the aquarium, but you’ll also become eligible to borrow the Coral Reef Classroom Kit!

Day 1: Coral Reef Classroom Kit Training
Develop student appreciation for one of the world’s most fragile ecosystems with this coral reef kit. Through an engaging variety of hands-on activities and games, students will learn about coral anatomy, sexual and asexual reproduction, coral distribution, and coral’s requirements for life. This day will also include guided exploration and exhibit activities that you can use on field trips to any aquarium.

Day 2: California Coast Rocky Shores
As you expand your awareness of this near-shore environment of the Rocky Shore, you’ll explore what makes the California Coast and San Francisco Bay its own biodiversity hotspot. By examining educational resources related to mollusk collections, live tide pool creatures, ocean chemistry and aquarium interpretation, you’ll develop your own best practices for facilitating an optimal field trip experience that connects your classroom to the museum and back home again.

You can register for this (or other!) workshops by calling the Contact Center at (877) 227-3311, or by purchasing a ticket online.

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