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In Search of Scavenger Hunts

by megan on Feb. 18th, 2009 No Comments

We realize that many teachers using our database of exhibit-related activities in preparation for a field trip are particularly interested in scavenger hunts and museum worksheets. To make your search a bit simpler, here is a list of some resources that do not involve pre-teaching:

Tortoise from Madagascar!
This little one is featured in our newest scavenger hunt! Is it a turtle or a tortoise?
Photo credit: Michael Torres
Entire Museum
Tracking Turtles and Tortoises Scavenger Hunt, Grades 3-8

African Hall
Predator Prey Scavenger Hunt, Grades 3-8

Sketching in African Hall, Grades 9-12

Islands of Evolution
Lemurs and the Like Scavenger Hunt, Grades 3-8

Philippine Coral Reef
Is That a Fish?, Grades K-2

Rainforests of the World
Survive the Rainforest, Grades 6-8

Many scavenger hunts are associated with lessons that we call “Connected Experiences”. This category combines a pre-visit activity with an in-museum worksheet, so it involves about 20 minutes of pre-teaching before the field trip. Some of our most creative pieces are contained within this grouping, so don’t be intimidated by a short pre-visit activity:

And don’t think we haven’t noticed teachers bringing along their own masterpieces! There is no reason to let your hard work go to waste. If you feel comfortable sharing your personalized activity packets with other teachers, send them along to teachers@calacademy.org. I’ll gladly design them to match the look and feel of the official Academy scavenger hunts. I’ll be sure to attach a preferred credit line to recognize your creativity!

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