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Spanish and Chinese Translations

by rochelle on Dec. 22nd, 2011 No Comments

In our ongoing effort to increase the accessibility of our lesson database, we are excited to announce that we now have many of our lesson worksheets and materials posted in Spanish and Chinese!

Included in the new materials are scavenger hunts, like the Animal Adaptations Hunt and the Living Fossils Hunt; chaperone-lead hunts, like the Troubled Tree Frogs and Insect Anatomy; and worksheets for our anytime lessons, like Invent an Insect and Rock Cycle Roundabout.

To find which of our many lessons include translated materials, you can select either language from the drop-down “By Topic” menu in any of the three categories (At the Academy, Connected Experience, and Anytime Lessons). See below for help

Once you have found a lesson with translated materials you are interested in, you can download all files from the list on the upper right hand corner of the online lesson plan. >>

We also have three carbon cycle lesson plans fully translated into both Spanish and Chinese. You can access these at the top of the main search page.

Don’t forget we also encourage you to leave your comments about what works or doesn’t work when you use a lesson in your classroom! We are constantly updating the lessons as we discover better ways to teach them!

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