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Homeschool Day Spring 2013

by rochelle on Feb. 24th, 2013 4 Comments

Join us on April 23, 2013 to learn with your fellow homeschool families and to get into the Academy at a special discounted price.

Kids looking at a penguin
Discover Academy Animals
Homeschool Day is full of drop-in programs and places where you can learn more about the habitats and organisms on display at the Academy. Go on an African Safari and explore the amazing biodiversity of the continent. Ask a biologist about our penguins as the animals are fed. Or, get your hands into a tidepool!
See our Registration Guide for more details about our exhibits and programs.
Explore, Collect, Contribute
This year, we invite all families to participate in a special group effort at the Academy. Upon arriving in the morning, pick up a worksheet to help explore the museum and collect data about some of our live animals. Then in the afternoon, contribute your discoveries to a huge collective data sheet.
Read more about this program on our Event Schedule.
Classroom and Lab Programs
Touch a coral skeleton. Use a microscope to look up close at an insect. Discover how plants and animals rely on each other in the wild. Get a taste for how to contribute to real scientific research. Our hands-on classroom and lab programs are reserved in advance and require an extra fee.
Learn more about the specific programs being offered on our Reserved Programs Guide.
Registration Information
Homeschool admission for all families outside of San Francisco is only $6.95 for all children (ages 4-17) and up to two adults. San Francisco homeschool children (ages 4-17) and up to two adults can attend for free. Reserved Programs require an additional fee.

Pre-registration is required to attend the event. Tickets will be available online on March 25th at www.calacademy.org/homeschoolday. Reservations for our lab and classroom programs will be taken over the phone (877-227-3311) starting at 8 am on March 25th.

For all the details about registration, be sure to read our Registration Guide!

Contact Us

For questions about homeschool events, email homeschool@calacademy.org.
For many of the most frequently asked questions about homeschool day registration and the event, see our Registration Guide and the Event FAQ.

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4 Comments So Far

  1. Rose on Apr. 23rd, 2013 at 11:41 AM

    When is the next homeschool day?

  2. rochelle on Apr. 24th, 2013 at 12:02 PM

    Thanks for your question! We are just starting to plan for next year and we have not yet finalized our schedule, but stay tuned in the next couple months as we will be updating our website with next year’s dates soon.

  3. Michelle Breazeale on Aug. 14th, 2013 at 5:15 PM

    Hello, I was wondering when you would start registration for the December 9 th homeschooled Day. Thank you very much! Michelle

  4. rochelle on Aug. 16th, 2013 at 11:10 AM

    Thanks for your question, Michelle! We are still working on all the details for the event.

    We will have more information in the fall, so check back in a month or two. If you wish to receive our updates directly, you can join our homeschool mailing list by emailing us at homeschool@calacademy.org. Thanks again for your interest!

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