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Student feedback on Outdoor Bill of Rights

by megan on Jan. 15th, 2013 No Comments

Child drawing of beach trip A city-wide survey is underway to create an Outdoor Bill of Rights for kids growing up in San Francisco. What are your students’ favorites?

The San Francisco Children and Nature Forum envisions a city in which all children play, learn, and grow with nature in their everyday lives.

And, they are currently requesting feedback from school-aged kids themselves as to which rights are most important to them!

If you are a parent or a teacher of kids in grades preK-12, why not survey their opinion?

The organization provides Tips for Adults in leading youth in voting for the Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights. You can access the survey and tips here, or you can take the survey directly on their website.

Please email results to sfchildreninnature@gmail.com by February 15th, or take the online survey here!

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