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Summer Matters 2013 Conference

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Summer Learning Matters ConferenceRegister Now | February 15, 2013

Summer Matters 2013 Conference
Oh, the Places We’ll Go!

Every child needs quality summer-learning opportunities to grow, have fun, and stay on track in school.

Partnership for Children and Youth is happy to announce their Summer Matters 2013 Conference! This year they will be hosting two FREE conferences in support of summer learning.

The first conference will be held on Friday, February 15, 2013, and is held with Bay Area partners to provide training and tools to help districts, community-based organizations and agencies create quality summer learning opportunities.

The Summer Matters 2013 Conference: Oh, the Places We’ll Go! is designed for K-12 district administrators, program directors, managers, and site coordinators, and will include topics covering: Building Sustainable Systems, Planning for Summer, Hiring and Management, Creating Infrastructure to Support Quality Instruction, Program Evaluation, and more!

“Today is our day. We’re off to Great Places! We’re off and away!”

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