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Climate Myths for middle and high school teachers!

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“Climate Myths” Series workshop

“The greenhouse effect is not naturally occurring. It is the result of human activities.”

“The only impact of climate change is global warming.”

Simple Global Warming Diagram“The only reason people don’t care about climate change is because they don’t understand the science behind it.”

Have you ever encountered these misconceptions about climate change?

There are many myths that skeptics use to argue against climate change. In the brand-new teacher workshop, Climate Myths, we will address these myths, and more, through hands-on lab investigations and collaborative discussions.

Session 1: Wednesday, January 29
We’ll spend one session diving deeper into our own understandings of the Greenhouse effect, the molecular structure and function of greenhouse gases, and why the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide is such a big deal.

Session 2: Wednesday, February 5
The second session will focus on exploring one of the other, lesser-known global impacts of climate change.

Session 3: Wednesday, February 12
The final session will be spent grappling with the other pieces of the climate change puzzle, like how the framing of a climate change message influences the way in which someone thinks about the topic, and some common sources of student’s misconceptions.

Each session is 4:30-6:30 PM, and participants must attend each session.

This workshop is designed for middle and high school teachers. Tickets are $35.
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