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Connect to Classroom virtual programs launch this fall!

by rochelle on Apr. 25th, 2014 1 Comment

Connect to Classrooms Dr. Blackburn shows frog specimens
Can’t bring your students on an Academy field trip next year? Too far away to rent a kit? Or just want to add excitement to your science curriculum?

With just a computer, internet, projector, and speakers you can bring Academy collections and experts into your classroom starting this Fall 2014.

Learn about the adaptions of penguins, get a close-up view of specimens from our collection, practice asking questions like Academy scientists, and engage in conversations with Academy experts.

More information will be available in September, so keep your eyes open! Until then, if you have any questions email us at connect2classrooms@calacademy.org.

Check out a sample screen shot from just one of our programs:

Connect to Classrooms Shark program

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  1. Lynzcey RKlein on May. 4th, 2014 at 1:33 PM

    My class has been participating in the pilot program this spring. The experiences have been AWESOME!!! My students had so much fun doing the pre program activities and then using what they learned to answer (and ask) questions during the presentations. After each program the students were excited to more about the topic. This program lends itself so well to lessons that are perfect for meeting Common Core Standards. If you have always wanted to take your students to the Cal Academy or just need some ideas to boost your science curriculum, this program is the answer. I HIGHLY recommend it! I am really looking forward to participating next year. Knowing what I do now about the programs, there is so much more I can do to incorporate language arts (especially writing), math, and more science into the pre and post program lessons.

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