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by megan on Aug. 24th, 2009 No Comments

Science in ActionIf you’ve visited the Islands of Evolution exhibit at the Academy, you’ve no doubt walked by a split-screen video highlighting current science projects being conducted both locally and abroad. This exhibit is one of the core components of Science in Action. Originally produced as a science television program at the California Academy of Sciences in the 1950s, Science in Action now encompasses media screens on the museum floor, a website, podcasts, guest lecture programs, and Thursday night science mixers. By gathering and disseminating content, the Science in Action production team aims to “increase public interest in and understanding of contemporary and everyday science issues leading to greater scientific awareness and literacy.

And better yet, the team uploads their videos for free streaming! High school teachers will be particularly interested in Science in Action content.

Let’s highlight the video from July 17th, which addresses the artificial selection of dog breeds. Not only can this short clip serve as an extension to our “Artificial Selection: Dog Breeds” lesson in the Evolution Kit, but it also introduces you to Brian Simison, the Director and Curator of the Center of Comparative Genomics here at the Academy, who will act as moderator for the upcoming BioForum event on October 3rd.

Bookmark the Science in Action blog to remind yourself to check for new additions!

Some recent videos, none more than 3 minutes in length:

Do you have a favorite online source of streamable science videos?

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