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December 31, 2008

A Waddling New Year!

We are excited to have the new Academy open.  If you have not yet visited be sure to next year!  I hope the penguins and the blog can be useful to your questions and learning in 2009.  They have many simple lessons to teach us from growth and development to commitment, bonding and retiring.  Please have a Safe, Inquisitive and Happy New Year!-Pamela Schaller

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December 20, 2008

Penguins and Polar Bears?

During the holiday season there are often pictures of penguins and polar bears together.  While the image of penguins and polar bears are endearing, they are not naturally found in the same location.  Polar bears live in the North Pole.  Two species of penguins live in the South Pole and all penguins live in the southern hemisphere.  The type of penguins that are at the Academy are found along the southern tip of Africa and never come in contact with Polar Bears.-Pamela Schaller

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December 11, 2008

Pierre the Penguin: Pierre’s Wetsuit

This is the wetsuit pattern for the front of Pierre’s neoprene vest.  It was made out of 3mm neoprene material to allow for flexibility and normal movement.  He no longer needs the suit as his feathers have all grown in completely.  The full patterns are published in 2009 Issue, Volume 40 of Drum and Croaker.  Drum and Croaker is a journal for professional aquarium staff and can be viewed online.-Pamela Schaller http://www.columbuszoo.org/drumcroaker/pdf/2009.pdf

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December 5, 2008

African penguin Health: Mouth Examination

This is Pete, he is recognized by an Orange band on his right wing and a Yellow band on his left.  He was raised for a few weeks by the aquarium staff and is easy to handle and work with.  This is an example of being able to examine the inside of his mouth.  A very light touch is required to the beak.  While his mouth his open we can determine health, as his skin should be pink.  In addition, it is a picture of the hooks inside of the mouth.  African penguins have hooks made of keratin located on the tongue and on the roof of the mouth.  These are bent towards the back of the throat to aid the penguin in holding fish while hunting.  This allows them to catch and swallow the fish without losing them.-Pamela Schaller

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