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Live Penguin Cams 

January 31, 2009

African penguin Plumage: Belly Spots

This is Pomona, she hatched on 23 October 2007.  She has an Orange band on her left wing and a Gold band on her right wing.  The large black spot on her belly is also an easy way to identify her.  The belly spots on an African penguin are different for every bird.  This is similar to our fingerprints.  There is a computer identification program being used in the wild in order to track individual penguins.  This aids researchers in keeping record of the penguin’s time spent at sea and their behavior.-Pamela Schaller

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January 21, 2009

African penguin Individuals: Kianga

Kianga can be identified by her Orange band on her left wing and Pink band on her right wing, she is 20 months old.  Kianga and her sister Jahzara are very close.  Siblings often spend their first few months to year hunting and resting together.  They will preen (clean) each other’s feathers and behave like a mated pair early in life.  Eventually the bond between these two sisters will be replaced with male mates and nests.  These sisters were originally hatched and raised together in Idaho Falls.-Pamela Schaller

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January 6, 2009

Wing Bands

The penguins are all banded with a thin plastic band.  This allows the staff to closely track individuals and identify them quickly.  There is a system to the bands that you can look for on the Penguin Cams.  Adults (birds with the white stripes on the sides of their heads and the single black stripe across their chest) have a single band.  Juveniles (dark headed penguins) have two bands.  Adult males are banded on their right wing.  Adult females are banded on their left wing.  The couples have the same colored wing bands.  Juveniles have an orange band that indicates their sex.  Juvenile males are orange banded on the right wing.  Juvenile females are orange banded on their left wing.    The above photo is of the penguin named “Robben”.-Pamela Schaller

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