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December 25, 2009

Jahzara the Princess: Black Band Left Wing


If you have days that you feel like a princess: holidays, weddings, birthdays, special occasions; you will be able to relate to “Jahzara”. Hatched on 22 May 2007, “Jahzara” came to the Academy in October of that same year. Appropriately called”Jahzara”, her name means “blessed princess” and the name is of African origin. If you ever watch the penguin feeds, you will notice one penguin that is picked up to feed. That is “Jahzara”. She is placed either in the palm of my hand or on my leg and waits until the fish is perfectly placed in her mouth until she will eat. Her princess-like nature has me trained well, I am servant to her needs.-Pamela Schaller

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December 24, 2009

Pete the Steadfast: Black w/ White Band Right Wing


“Pete” hatched on July 7, 2007 here at the Academy. His parents are our yellow-banded couple, “Dassen” and “Grendel”. “Pete” is very loyal to those who care for him and is often the last bird to accept fish from a new biologist. He can be very affectionate and has gallantly “defended” me from other penguins. If something perturbs him look out for his nasty temper! He is a serious bird and, as he matures, is proving to be quite resolute in his quest to establish a territory. I have no doubt that when he finds a suitable mate he will make both an excellent partner and a successful parent.-Brooke Weinstein

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December 23, 2009

Domino the Typical Teenager: Orange Band Right Wing


Hatched on 19 April 2007 at the Academy, “Domino” is becoming sexually mature. Imagine a  human between ages 13 and 21, with hormonal changes, social challenges and first dates. “Domino” is showing these characteristics through fighting for territory, displaying towards a female penguin “Pomona” and biting me when I come close.  He will eventually settle down in a nest and from a very strong permanent bond with a female penguin. Until then, he will continue to challenge birds and biologists.-Pamela Schaller

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December 22, 2009

Ocio the Genetically Valuable Part 2: Red Band Right Wing


Hatched on 1 September 2006 at Tautphaus Park Zoo, “Ocio” is also a genetically valuable penguin. He has been chosen to breed by the African Penguin Species Survival Plan. He will be moved to our Penguin Love Shack on 5 January 2010 to encourage a bond with the female penguin “Safara”. These two penguins have shared an exhibit, so they have already spent some time with each other. “Ocio” has had a crush on female humans since he came to the Academy in 2007. I hope the Love Shack will encourage his interest in penguins and especially in “Safara”. I will update you in early February with the results.-Pamela Schaller

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December 21, 2009

Safara the Genetically Valuable Part 1:Red Band Left Wing


Hatched at the Academy on 20 March 2007, “Safara” has inherited some valuable genes. Genes that are are not highly represented in the African gene pool. She is so highly valued that she will be meeting a specially chosen male early next year. On 5 January 2010, she will be moved to our Penguin Love Shack to encourage a bond. This Love Shack is specifically built for 2 penguins to fall in love. It has it’s own pool, nest with thick substrate to dig in, mirror and disco ball. We will closely observe her and her mate to watch for signs of bonding: following each other around, calling to each other, resting and digging in their nest and preening each other (allopreening). Tomorrow you will meet her chosen mate as Part 2 of the Genetically Valuable series.-Pamela Schaller

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