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Live Penguin Cams 

December 20, 2009

Dunker the Lucky: Yellow w/ Black Band Right Wing


Hatched at the Academy on 17 March 2007 (St. Patty’s Day) “Dunker’s” early life was challenging. He was inadvertently crushed while hatching from his egg. Despite the holiday, I had to call in our veterinarian to assist him. It usually takes 36-48 hours for a chick to emerge. They are attached through blood vessels to the interior of the egg. If they come out prematurely, those vessels  could burst and the chick could die from blood loss. Luckily, the egg was in good enough condition and he survived. The staff decided to name him after our heroic vet.-Pamela Schaller

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December 19, 2009

Howard the Escape Artist: White w/ Green Band Right Wing


Hatched on 11 January 2007 at the Academy, “Howard” was our first successful chick to be raised at our Howard Street facility. He got his name from that Academy location. This photo is of him on top of the largest boulder in the exhibit. He has exceptional jumping ability and can get on top of our rockwork and even jump over our rock barriers. If you are watching the cams you may see the top of his head as he “teases” the other penguins by running back and forth behind the rockwork in the exhibit. -Pamela Schaller

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December 18, 2009

Tag the Acronym: Green Band Left Wing


Hatched on 19 January 2002 at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, Tag came to the Academy in 2005. When I first saw her name it was written TAG. After inquiring I found out her name was the acronym for Taxon Advisory Group. In facilities like ours, which is accredited by AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums) we have advisers that bring us knowledge in the proper care of certain species. Penguins are grouped together under the Penguin Taxon Advisory Group (Penguin TAG). They help us with nutritional, health, breeding and exhibit guidelines. “Tag”  and her mate “Agulhas” have benefited from this groups advice and thrive under their recommendations.  She is the mother of  2 penguins sharing her exhibit “Howard” and “Domino”.-Pamela Schaller

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December 17, 2009

Agulhas the Current: Green Band Right Wing


Hatched on 27 May 2002 at the New England Aquarium, he arrived at the Academy in 2005. His name has been the hardest for us to pronounce, but it is an important aspect of Africa’s water. “Agulhas” current is the name of a major current that runs along the East coast of Africa and around the cape of Africa. The current even  extends into African penguin region. It is swift and transports large volumes of water down and around the tip of Africa. It can be a Mariner’s nightmare while navigating these dangerous waters. “Agulhas” mimics the current’s qualities. He is a bold and fast fighter, defending his mate, chicks and territory from his fellow penguins. The rest of the colony must carefully navigate around his home or endure a good peck to the head.-Pamela Schaller

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December 16, 2009

Jahleel the Sticker: White Band Left Wing


Hatched on 31 July 1997 at the New England Aquarium, “Jahleel” joined the Academy’s penguin colony in 2005. Within a year she had become a subject in a professional photo shoot (I took her band off for this). Her regal image has been adhered to sidewalks  in San Francisco, sent to 100,000 members as part of our current African Penguin Campaign and is on the penguin stickers that are handed out when you visit us. The irony, is the sticky nature in her relationship. While her mate “Robben” strays from her on occasion, she sticks with him through the infidelities. -Pamela Schaller

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