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Live Penguin Cams 

February 25, 2010

Penguin Love Shack: Howard and Pomona


“Howard” and “Pomona” have been in the Love Shack since 10 February 2010. They are in this location to encourage them to bond. They have been recommended by our African Penguin Species Survival Plan in order to continue breeding pure African penguins within a diverse gene pool. And, they are getting groovy quickly. They are touching each other with their beaks, following each other around, and resting together in their nest or by their pool. This looks to be like our first success in bonding our next generation together. We will watch their progress closely.  Hopefully they will prove to be good parents and produce some chicks.-Pamela Schaller

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February 18, 2010

Penguin Enrichment: Nesting with Heart


This photo was taken today and is of the Academy penguin “Tag”. She has arranged the valentines hearts into her nest. You can notice that she layered them within leaves. African penguins don’t tend to shred materials as some other birds do. They often take whole items and arrange them in a thick layer. Some of the female penguins at the Academy are fastidious about nest arrangement while others are a little less obsessive. “Tag” is currently sitting on 2 eggs. These are not fertile, which happens about 50% of the time. Luckily “Tag” and “Agulhas” have had several fertile eggs in the past and are the parents of several chicks at the Academy. If you watch the following link you can see her mate “Agulhas” collecting the hearts and taking them to their nest.-Pamela Schaller http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03sNQxPAV9A

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February 11, 2010

Penguin Enrichment: Valentines


African penguins are monogamous, forming bonds for life. We currently have a pair of penguins that have been together for 15 years. Males establish territories and encourage females to nest with them. Once the female has chosen her mate, he collects nest material for her. At the Academy we offer leaves and other items for the males to collect. During this week, we are offering valentines hearts. They are safe and waterproof and even have written messages on them from children and guests. The male penguins have been earnestly collecting them. On Sunday, visitors to the Academy will get the opportunity to see these up close and write their heartfelt messages to their favorite penguin. If you haven’t chosen a favorite penguin, try reading December’s penguin blogs to find out about each of the 20 penguins. You can watch some raw video footage of the penguins receiving these hearts on cbs and abc websites. The videos are (and I rarely say this) very cute. And to update on the Love Shack, “Ocio” is back on exhibit and is still very interested in picking human girlfriends. I am hoping he will pick a female penguin soon.-Pamela Schaller

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