Elesapiens elephant

Elesapiens is a source of online, bilingual content in science and humanities designed for children to use at school or at home. 




Learn by playing!

Elesapien's bilingual units include animated cartoon videos that explain concepts in innovative ways, as well as reading material, online activities, and offline activities that include projects, games, debates and experiments. The platform also provides access to student data for teachers and parents to use in following up and evaluating understanding.

Created by a team based in Madrid, Elesapiens works on multiple devices, and has been built in to many existing educational platforms including Edmodo, a social learning network in the United States.

Elesapiens hopes to provide content that not only builds student's understanding in science and other content, but also builds skills and encourages values that support global citizenship - including critical thinking, creativity, troubleshooting, teamwork, social responsibility, and respect for the environment.

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