Bay Area Writing Project Fall Forum 2017

How do we engage students as agents of their own change? Join the Bay Area Writing Project for this one-day conference on October 28th, 2017 at University of California, Berkeley.

About the Forum: Writing as Civic Engagement

Civically-engaged writing offers students a chance to develop a public voice and to use that voice to act on behalf of their communities. We realize that the classroom is not simply a place where we prepare students for the world beyond it. It is also a place where students can be in the world right now. We want students to recognize that they are part of something larger than themselves and see their writing as a means of connecting to and impacting civic issues of profound significance.

As educators, how do we help students situate their work and perspectives in contexts larger, more relevant, and potentially more fraught than a classroom? How can we support students to produce authentic writing that resonates and encourages discourse with audiences broader than the classroom community? How do we strengthen the voices of students who have been historically taught that their voices do not matter? How can civically-engaged writing be used to increase rigor in all aspects of instruction?

This forum is designed for educators who are just starting to grapple with these questions as well as those who have been navigating them for years. The Bay Area Writing Project invites you to join this important conversation at the 2017 Fall Forum.


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