San Francisco Bay Area City Nature Challenge, April 24-27, 2020

Which city around the world has the most nature? The City Nature Challenge 2020, happening April 24-27, will help us find out!

Here in the Bay Area, participating is easy! If you live in or are visiting any of the nine counties that touch San Francisco Bay, all you have to do is:

1. Download the free iNaturalist app to your mobile device.

2. During April 24-27, take photos to make observations of wild plants and animals in your backyard, a park, your walk to school or work - anywhere you find nature. Be sure to mark the observation as captive/cultivated if it's not a wild organism! There will also be many events happening around the Bay in support of the City Nature Challenge - feel free to join one or more!

3. Upload your photos to iNaturalist. They will be automatically added to the San Francisco Bay Area City Nature Challenge project!

4. Learn more as your finds get identified, and feel free to help ID other people's observations, especially during the April 28-May 3 identification period.

5. Results will be announced on Monday, May 4!

San Francisco Bay Area events for the City Nature Challenge

Join an event for the City Nature Challenge in the San Francisco Bay Area! Participating in an event will give you the chance to meet other people in the Bay Area who are interested in nature. Join a bioblitz event to learn how to use iNaturalist and document the species all around us in the Bay Area. Come to an identification party to help ID the observations made throughout the Bay Area during the City Nature Challenge - all experience levels welcome!

As events get scheduled, we'll be adding them here!



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