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Thank you for making our first Community Free Days a success!

Explore other opportunities to visit for free throughout the year, and stay in the know by signing up for occasional email updates about upcoming free days.

Community Free Days is part of our Academy for All initiative, which welcomes over 330,000 visitors annually through free and reduced admission programs. We're proud to serve so many science-lovers—thank you for your support!



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I purchased general admission tickets and was planning on visiting this Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday. Can I still come, even though it's Community Free Days?

If you have general admission tickets but not Community Free Days tickets, you may still visit, but should expect significant wait times and a very busy museum. If at all possible, we strongly recommend choosing another day to visit.

I wasn't able to get tickets. When are the next free days?

Don't worry! Our Free & Reduced Admission page has you covered, with a variety of ways to visit the Academy for free or at a substantial discount, year-round. 

If you live in San Francisco, we strongly recommend visiting during Neighborhood Free Weekends. Find your zip code to see when you can visit for free.

Be sure to sign up to receive occasional emails about upcoming free days at the Academy.

Why did tickets have to be reserved online?

Free days are some of our busiest days. In order to reduce lines, crowding, and wait times at the museum—and allow visitors to better plan and enjoy their day—we implemented a reserved, timed ticket entry system to help improve your overall free day experience at the Academy.

If I don't reserve a ticket, can I still visit for free?

You are not guaranteed entry if you did not reserve a ticket in advance. 

What if I show up early/late for my time slot?

In order to reduce lines and make timely entry possible for all free day visitors, we’ve introduced timed ticket entry for Community Free Days and strongly recommend arriving at your designated ticket time. If you arrive early, you may have to wait until your designated entry time based on building capacity. If you arrive after your designated entry time, we will try our best to get you into the museum as promptly as possible but please note there may be an entry queue.

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Community Free Days are made possible thanks to generous support from Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

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