California Coast

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Art is often inspired by nature, and it can also inspire the imagination and actions of the people who see it. Join us to find your own artistic inspiration as we dive into exploring the creativity and action of other artists throughout time.

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Dates: (K-3rd) Wednesday, November 14, 2018
           (4th-8th) Thursday, November 15, 2018
For each date, the program will be broadcasted two times.
9:10am PT (12:10pm ET) or 10:10am PT (1:10pm ET)
Duration: 30 minutes for K-3rd
                  45 minutes for 4th-8th
Price: Free!
Target Audience: K - 8th grade
Interactivity Options: Teacher using a Chat Box

What to expect during this Special Live Event
California Coast by Henrique Pinto

California has 1,270 miles of mainland coast that is home to millions of people, plants and animals. Throughout California’s rich history, the coastal environment has been a muse that has inspired many artists. What about these natural environments inspires people to create magnificent works of art? Why are these areas so special?

During this program we will teach methods of how scientists create and use art, as well as showcase other styles of art from early pioneering naturalists to the contemporary artists of our time.

This special live event supports the California Coastal Commission's Annual Art and Poetry Contest.

Program Materials

During the program we will be practicing Scientific Sketching, we ask that each student be prepared with:

  • a pencil

  • a scientific notebook or paper to draw on

  • (optional) leaf from school yard or nearby park

Pre-Program Activity

Have your student(s) think about the closest coast to them. Then have them trace out what they think the coast looks like. After they are done tracing, show them pictures (this can include maps) of the coast. Ask them:

  • What do they notice about the coast?

  • What are some similarities to what they drew to the pictures? What are differences?

  • When you think of the coast what memories or thoughts comes up?

Technology required

During these web chats, students will be able to see and hear the Academy science educator, and teachers will be able to enter comments and questions into a text-based chat window

To participate you must have the following technology available:

  • Desktop, laptop computer, or tablet
  • Strong internet connection; a wired connection is preferable
  • An updated version of the free application Zoom installed on your computer or tablet
  • If you have a large class we also recommend having a projector and speakers

Groups are limited to no more than 75 students and no more than 2 classes for a single connection.

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Grades: Kindergarten - 8th Grade
Program Duration: 45 minutes
Capacity: 65
Price: Free
Time Slots: 9:10 am, 10:10 am