Jack Dumbacher with the bird collection

On March 9, 2017, Academy scientist Jack Dumbacher gave us the scoop on what happened when he and his team found a poisonous bird in Papua New Guinea. What are some of the many questions he has asked since making that discovery?

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Scientific discovery is not a linear process. In this 1-hour live discussion, students walked through Jack's discovery of a poisonous Pitohui bird and the many questions he has asked since.

Jack started by taking us on a virtual journey to one of his research locations in Papua New Guinea. After Jack recounted the discovery of the poisonous Pitohui bird, students had the opportunity to put forth their own scientific questions about Jack's discovery. Jack ended by putting forth the many new questions he is now asking about this mysterious bird.

This program was interactive in nature! Students had the opportunity to ask Jack about their curiosities regarding what it is like to study birds in the rainforest, the type of skills needed, and the many questions he has tried to answer about the poisonous Pitohui birds. Read more about Jack's work.

Grades: 4th Grade - 12th Grade
Program Duration: 60 minutes
Price: Free
Time Slots: 9:30 am, 11:00 am