Pierre the Penguin book cover

illustrated by Laura Regan


January 18th was Penguin Awareness Day! We will celebrated by reading about one of the Academy's most famous residents, Pierre the penguin!

What happened during this Special Live Event

In this 30-minute program, students read along with an Academy Educator the real life story of Pierre the Penguin by Jean Marzollo.

Throughout the reading time, we paused to make observations, predict what would happen next, and think about how we would help Pierre. After reading the book, the students dove into our penguin colony via our web cameras. At the end of the program, we explored what it is like to be a penguin by waddling and swimming like one.

This program was interactive in nature!

Program Materials

There are no materials for this program, however you may want to prepare your students with the knowledge that Pierre is no longer here at the Academy. In May 2016 the Academy announced that Pierre, the oldest bird in the Academy’s colony of African penguins, died at the very old age of 33. In the wild, African penguins have an average lifespan of 15 years. During his time he had several mates with whom he produced 16 chicks, 27 grand-chicks, and 11 great grand-chicks so far. At the end of the program, the Academy educator will acknowledge that Pierre has died and that he lived a long and wonderful life.

Check out what teachers said about last year's program!

"My students loved seeing the live cameras and having their names/questions mentioned by the educator. They also loved learning about Pierre the Penguin, since we'd done some background prep on penguins."
-1st graders at Marsh Elementary School


"In science, we learn about how habitats and organisms go together (certain organisms live in certain habitats), so this was directly tied to that."
-2nd Grade teacher from Baker Elementary School

Couldn't join us on January 18, 2019? Or have all the spaces already been filled?

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Grades: Kindergarten - 2nd Grade
Program Duration: 30 minutes
Price: Free