Planet Earth is an incredibly unique place in our solar system. For one, it is the only planet that supports a diverse system of life! Earth has been able to support and take care of both plants and animals, including humans. So, how do we humans take care of Earth just like it takes care of us?

In this interactive program, students will take on the role of Planet Heroes as they are challenged to design and implement solutions that will benefit wildlife, ecosystems, and global communities through one surprising avenue: our food systems!

This program integrates the Next Generation Science Standards by focusing on:

  • Crosscutting Concepts: Patterns & Cause and Effect
  • Science and Engineering Practice: Constructing Explanations and Designing Solutions
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Dates/Times: This program will be broadcasted two times on each date

Friday, April 19, 2019 @ 9:10am PT (12:10pm ET) & 10:10am PT (1:10pm ET)
Monday, April 22, 2019 @ 10:10am PT (1:10pm ET) & 11:10am PT (2:10pm ET)

Duration: 45 minutes
Price: Free!
Target Audience: 4th - 8th grade
Interactivity Options: Teacher using a Chat Box

What to expect during this Special Live Event
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In this 45 minute program, we will explore the innovation and ingenuity of individuals across our planet who are designing ways to support ecosystems and communities. Students will build and reflect upon their own ideas about one of the biggest challenges currently facing Earth’s ecosystems: feeding all humans.

Throughout the program, students will be challenged to design simple, personal solutions for minimizing those impacts while meeting the needs of humans, plants, and other animals on our planet. By the end of the program, they will create their own Planet Hero Action Plan!

Specific challenges that students may design solutions for involve changing food choices and reducing food waste. For example, did you know that the #1 thing that clogs landfills in the US is wasted food? Or, that it takes a half-of-a-football-field worth of space to feed just one person in the US? When you add all of those needs up, it’s easy to see why there is less space for important ecosystems that provide clean air, water filtration, and space for more living things.

Program Materials
  • Print "Planet Hero" worksheet for each student to use throughout the program. If you are unable to print, prepare students with a piece of paper and pencil.
  • Print "How much land do you eat" sheet as a double sided paper for student pairs. We will be exploring a typical meal with students when instructed.

An Academy educator will instruct when and how to use these worksheets during the program.

Pre-Program Activity

To prepare your students, try out this Food Waste Audit with your class to build awareness about food waste. While we strongly recommend this activity, it is not required to participate!

Technology required

Students get to see and hear the Academy expert, and teachers will enter comments and questions into a text-based chat window.

To participate you must have the following technology available:

  • Desktop, laptop computer, or tablet.
  • Strong internet connection; a wired connection is preferable.
  • An updated version of the free application Zoom installed on your computer or tablet.
  • If you have a large class we also recommend having a projector and speakers.

Groups are limited to no more than 75 students and no more than 3 classes for a single connection.

Can't join us on April 19th or 22, 2019? Check out other Special Live Events or schedule a Virtual Program.

Grades: 4th Grade - 8th Grade
Program Duration: 45 minutes
Capacity: 75
Price: Free