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A total of 230 seats are available most Mondays and Fridays from September 2017 - June 2018 in this special 10:30 am presentation for younger viewers. Classes will begin entering the dome 30 minutes prior to showtime. Planetarium shows are free, but advance reservations are required for student groups.

The show, developed especially for younger viewers, focuses on the difference between day and night, the motion of the sun and moon, and the patterns of stars in the night sky.

Program Summary

The state-of-the-art Morrison Planetarium uses the latest scientific data and visualization techniques to observe the sky. The Planetarium is pleased to offer exclusive 10:30 am shows exclusively for student groups, tailoring content to local science standards. These school shows are unique in that they are presented live by Planetarium staff.

This presentation will touch on the following topics:

  • Difference between day and night
  • Motion of the sun and moon in the sky
  • Changing appearance of the moon
  • Patterns of stars in the night sky

You may even sing a song during the show!

California Science Content Standards

Grade K
Investigation and Experimentation

  • 4c. Describe the relative position of objects by using one reference (e.g., above or below).

Grade 1
Earth Sciences

  • 3c. Students know the sun warms the land, air, and water.

Investigation and Experimentation

  • 4d. Describe the relative position of objects by using two references (e.g., above and next to, below and left of).

Grade 2
Physical Sciences

  • 1b. Students know an object’s motion can be described by recording the change in position of the object over time.
Grades: Kindergarten - 2nd Grade
Program Duration: 20 minutes
Capacity: 200
Price: Free
Time Slots: 10:30 am

Barry and Marie Lipman

We Thank Our Donors

This presentation is generously supported by Barry and Marie Lipman.