Geology Kit 6-12

This kit is packed with hands-on activities that illuminate the hidden processes of our planet. Learn about the Earth’s layers, the movement of tectonic plates, and earthquakes. Take a look back over geologic time and check out some fossils from key points in Earth’s history


  • curriculum binder
  • Earth's layers model
  • Earth's layers spool (bag, spool, and chalk)
  • 6 tectonic plate map boards
  • 6 sets of maps
  • 6 compasses
  • 2 slinkies
  • measuring cup
  • scoops (3)
  • container of white quartz
  • container of gravel
  • food coloring
  • dixie cups
  • CD with Google Earth file
  • 6 sets of 6 fossils
  • Geologic timeline (timeline, cards, metal posts, Precambrian ribbon)
  • Books and Booklets: "The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Rocks of the World" by John Farndon, "Eyewitness: Fossil" by Dr. Paul D Taylor, "Restless Earth" by Sue Bowler, "Kaleidoscope: Fossils" by Roy A. Gallant, "Eyewitness: Volcano and Earthquake" by Susanna van Rose; "Evolution and the Fossil Record" by John Pojeta Jr and Dale A Springer
  • Videos and DVDs: "Faces of the Earth" (The Science Channel)


Geo Kit Activity

Earth’s Layers: Explore three different representations of the Earth's layers to help students visualize the interior structure of our planet.

Earthquakes and Tectonic Plates: Use seismic data and maps to discover the locations of the planet’s tectonic plates.

Google Earth Geology Field Trip: Make California geology come to life with a virtual field trip from the coast to the Sierras.

Fun Fossils: Investigate and identify six mystery fossils. Then create an interactive geology timeline.

Amazing Amazon Basin Geology: Explore the Amazon Basin’s geologic history to learn about the geologic principles of subduction, mountain-building, erosion and sedimentation. Students make their own sedimentary rock sequence.


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