A boy glimpses into the Human Odyssey exhibit

Welcome, homeschoolers far and wide! For your convenience, we've listed some of the many resources and opportunities that might be of most interest to those learning science at home, or those using the Academy as their science classroom.

Visiting the Academy

We invite your family to visit the Academy again and again, at your own pace.

Homeschooling families can visit the museum throughout the year, on your schedule:


Distance Learning

Educators holding puppets have big smiles.

We invite homeschoolers to participate in our free Distance Learning programs!  Waddle like a penguin, ask questions of a coral reef diver, or make detailed observations of mammal skulls.  Homeschoolers can connect from anywhere over the internet to interact with Academy educators and experts.


Science @ Home

A scene of the coral reef with anemone fish, made with colorful construction paper.

Got some science-loving small frys at home? Keep them engaged with an all-new array of themed activity packs created for kids ages 4-11, packed with guided videos, hands-on crafts, and real experiments. 

There are 15+ bundles available, entirely for free!


Science Notebook Corner

A science notebook, several colored pencils, and shapes on a desk.

Sample our easy-to-implement strategies and lessons to bring science notebooking into your classroom or home!

Learn how science notebooks can help your students plan and carry out hands-on investigations, reflect on content learned, and so much more.


Online Courses

Created by Academy educators and scientists, the following are excellent resources for educators interested in improving their own science content knowledge, or students old enough to jump in on their own.


See ideas for how teachers can use videos, articles, and infographics about Earthquakes in their classroom.


Drawing on the deep knowledge of Academy scientists, educators, and video producers, this course explains biodiversity and its importance throughout the world.

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