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Looking for new hands-on and engaging activities to bring science to life in your classroom? Attend a workshop to learn how to lead the following activities with your students. Offered sporadically.

How Science Works (Grades preK-12)

Workshop length: 3-5 hours

Workshop format: Engage in hands-on activities and thoughtful discussions, focusing on skills such as observation, questioning, analyzing data, and engaging in argument from evidence.

Explore how science works in the real world and discuss grade-level appropriate strategies for how we can give our students an authentic understanding of science and the scientific process.  

Inquiry (Grades preK-2)

Workshop length: 3 days

Workshop format: Engage in your own inquiry project based on our aquarium exhibits. Discuss and reflect on the experience with your peers, and explore hands-on activities that you can take back to the classroom.


What exactly is scientific inquiry, and how can you integrate it into your classroom? Engage in inquiry as a learner to experience for yourself the benefits and challenges of this approach to science learning. Then explore age-appropriate strategies for doing inquiry with your students. Leave with the confidence to bring these fun and effective scientific practices into your classroom.

Exploring Astronomy (Grades 4-8)

Workshop length: 3 days

Workshop format: Experience hands-on activities and reflective group discussions in this three day workshop. Learn more about the solar system while also building your understanding of the NGSS practice of Developing and Using Models.


Explore the solar system and deepen your understanding of planetary orbits, moon phases, Earth’s seasons, comets, and more. Experience both kinesthetic and digital activities that will help your students overturn their misconceptions about how the solar system works. Discuss the difference between a model and a representation, and consider contexts where each can support student learning. You will leave with classroom-ready activities, greater expertise with astronomy content, and a better understanding of modeling in an NGSS context.

Evolution (Grades 6-12)

Workshop length: 2 hours

Workshop format: Engage in hands-on activities that explore genetic variation, natural selection, predation, adaptation, and other topics.


Evolution is happening all around us. Take part in a workshop that brings evolution to life. Learn how to make abstract ideas like genetic variation more concrete for your students, while exercising their observation and communication skills.

Owl Pellets and Beyond (Grades K-8)

Workshop length: 2 hours

Workshop format: Practice two different dissection techniques and learn how to use a dichotomous key to identify the bones you find.


Dissecting owl pellets is an engaging and popular activity for all ages.  In this workshop, you will discover how to turn a simple dissection into a rich, inquiry-based experience for your students.

Making the Most of Science Notebooks (Grades K-8)

Workshop length: 6 hours

Workshop format: Learn how to set up science notebook routines, develop student interest, and teach scientific sketching to students of all ages. Get inspired by checking out the Academy’s archive of scientists’ field books, dating back to the 1800s, and leave with the first few entries in your own high quality science notebook. Continue observing the natural world, and use your notebook as a model for your students!


This workshop is designed for K-8 educators, instructional coaches, and administrators.

Exploring Phenomena: Using Science to Figure Things Out (grades K-12)

Workshop length: 6 hours

Workshop format: “How did the Grand Canyon form?” “Where did the mass of the apple go when I threw it in the compost?” These questions about real-world phenomena are great examples of how science can be used for figuring things out. In this workshop you will participate as a learner in a phenomenon-based lesson, then unpack your experience with fellow educators. You will build understanding and gain tools and strategies to help you choose phenomena and craft essential questions that can guide your students to “figure things out” about the real world.

Experiencing the Levels of Inquiry (grades K-12)

Workshop length: 2 days

Workshop format: Using your experience as an inquiry learner is a powerful way to understand the challenges and opportunities students may face in their own journey through inquiry.


In this workshop, you will engage in your own inquiry project as an adult learner, coming up with your own testable question about one of our aquarium animals, and planning an observational study to collect and analyze data. Along the way, you will learn what the experience of scientific inquiry is really like, as compared to more “cookbook” classroom science activities.