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We've partnered with other organizations in the Bay Area to provide educators with rich opportunities to experience the intersection of science, art, and naturalism in unique environments.  Offered spring and summer.

Science in the Park (Grades preK-2)

Workshop length: 5 days

Partner: San Francisco Botanical Garden

Explore the San Francisco Botanical Garden, the California Academy of Sciences, and Golden Gate Park. This immersive week-long workshop will provide you with the tools, techniques, and confidence to give your students meaningful outdoor learning experiences. 

Learning outdoors offers great benefits for young students, developing a sense of wonder and respect for the natural world. The skills you gain in this workshop can be used to create valuable science experiences in any outdoor space, whether you are taking your students on a field trip or just visiting a street tree outside your own classroom door.

Besides gaining skills and knowledge, you will also enjoy a refreshing week as a learner in a beautiful setting with a community of your peers.

Discovering the Colors of Our Earth and Sky (Grades 6-8)

Workshop length: 2 days

Partner: de Young Fine Arts Museum

Spend the day with the California Academy of Sciences and the de Young Fine Arts Museum investigating this question: What colors are our earth and sky? This workshop, designed for middle-school grades, integrates content related to physical and life sciences with practices that help engage your students in deeper ways of thinking through engagement with art.

This workshop introduces ideas for involving students in close observation, developing their own questions, planning and conducting investigations, and revising or re-envisioning their ideas based on their findings.

Every participant leaves with a handcrafted notebook and lesson resources, and is given time to explore the galleries at the California Academy of Sciences and the de Young.