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Are you a preK-12 educator looking for professional development opportunities? Look no further! We offer a wide range of workshops for educators looking to enhance their understanding of the Next Generation Science Standards or add to their repertoire of classroom curricula. Check out the full range of workshops we offer below.

NGSS Workshops

NGSS workshops

Whether you are interested in how science education will be transformed by the Next Generation Science Standards, or you want to learn how to incorporate the three dimensions into your classroom, we have the workshop for you!

(Offered fall, spring, and summer)

Workshops With Our Partners

Science in the Park

We've partnered with other organizations in the Bay Area to provide educators with rich opportunities to experience the intersection of science, art, and natural history in unique environments.

(Offered spring and summer)

Workshops Exploring Science

Exploring Science

Looking for hands-on and engaging activities to bring science to life in your classroom?  We offer a variety of workshops where you can learn how to engage your students with topics like evolution, astronomy, the scientific process, and inquiry.

(Offered sporadically)

Kit Training Workshops

Skulls kit

Kits are portable containers filled with hands-on activities, specimens, educational games, books, DVDs, and more. Attend a kit training to become eligible to borrow a kit to use in your classroom.

(Offered every fall, alternating topics year by year)

Teacher Institute on Science and Sustainability

tiss teachers at MSI

TISS is a transformative, two-year professional development program that enhances teachers' and students' understanding of topics ranging from energy to food systems to water issues.

In each year of the program, teachers participate in a two-week summer session and over 25 hours of school-year professional development. By graduation, each TISS teacher receives 150 hours of professional development including coaching, workshops, and school-team collaboration.

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