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Why is it important to allow time for teachers to be learners in your professional development session? How can you easily accomplish this?

Why Spend Time Being a Learner?

teachers collect seed pods

Why should you consider setting aside time during your professional development for teacher participants to act as learners themselves? 

This brief article pulls on research from the field, and lists several easy ways we help educator become true learners.



How Can You Help Teachers Shift into "Learner Mode"?

From teacher mode to learner mode

Switch from “teacher” to “learner” and back again!

These slides were created to help participants take on learner roles by being explicit about the kind of thinking participants are being asked to do as learners.

Chose the format that works best for you:


How Can You Keep Adults in the Learner Mindset?

bicycle rack poster

For a teacher, participating as a learner can be difficult! A “parking lot” provides a place for participants to put any questions and ideas that come up might challenge their ability to stay in the mindset of a learner.


How Can You Help Teachers Translate Their Learning to the Classroom?

teachers reflect in the aquarium

In the context of professional development in teaching science, "translation time" is an opportunity for teachers to reflect on their own experience participating as a learner in order to move toward translating new ideas and strategies into their own classrooms.

Here we share prompts we've used with teachers in our own PD sessions.